FASTA PLUGIN Store Starter Kit

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  • Description:  The FASTA Store starter kit provides a way to start with the new, innovative FASTA Vape line at your store at one low price. Retailers will get 10 FREE vapes with this limited time offer from FASTA. Store Starter Kit can not be changed/altered. Limited time only, while supplies last.
  • The FASTA PLUGIN is a revolutionary vape line that is the world's first vape designed with a built-in USB charging cable so vapers can charge up anytime, anywhere.
  • The FASTA PLUGIN includes a high-tech coil system that evenly distributes the coil heating for puffs when switching between normal mode and turbo mode for extended life. This NexCore coil technology utilizes a premium dual mesh coil while in turbo mode to provide an unparalleled vaping experience.



  • 75 FASTA PLUGIN Vapes (15 5-pack boxes)
  • 5 FREE Juicy Peach FASTA PLUGIN Vapes (sellable)
  • 5 Commercial Sample FASTA Vapes (not for resale)
  • 1 FASTA display station

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