The Wholesale Nicotine Pouch Market

The nicotine pouch market is rapidly growing. The combination of misinformation and failed regulations on vaping have opened the doors for a nicotine alternative that free is from tobacco. It is natural that businesses that sell vape products will be interested in expanding their selection and possibly becoming wholesale nicotine pouch customers. 


If you are a potential wholesale nicotine pouch buyer or customer who is unfamiliar with this product, check out our feature: Understanding Nicotine Pouches.

Who makes which pouch


Outside of tangled FDA regulations, nicotine pouches have advantages over vaping in some scenarios. 

There are four general use cases where nicotine pouches make sense for an adult who is already consuming nicotine. These are widely applicable, making wholesale nicotine pouches a worthy addition to your product line.

  1. Nicotine pouches appeal to adult nicotine users who are hoping to avoid exposure to the tar and carcinogens of combustible cigarettes, while still satisfying nicotine cravings.
  2. Chewing tobacco and snus users are switching to nicotine pouches because they contain no tobacco. Being made instead made from synthetic nicotine, nicotine pouches do not contain tobacco-specific carcinogens and also have no tobacco flavor. 
  3. Adult vapers who are looking for a more discrete option that can be used in smoke free areas.
  4. Nicotine users who have decided to switch to an oral product that does not require inhalation.

Mi-Pod currently offers two wholesale nicotine pouch brands but will expand this whenever possible. These are independent products not manufactured by Big Tobacco and that compete directly with Zyn, On! and Velo, and offer superior margins. We also feel that their greater selection of flavors and strengths makes them fundamentally superior products. 


Creation of Nicotine Pouches

The wide availability of high-quality synthetic nicotine was the catalyst for the nicotine pouch market. While anti-nicotine lobbyists, the Orwellian-named Truth Initiative being the most famous, will attempt to conflate nicotine pouches and chewing tobacco, they are fundamentally different. 

Nicotine pouches use synthetic nicotine and contain no tobacco ingredients or flavor. They range in strength and free from carcinogenic tobacco-specific nitrosamines. The study cited did not find that Big Pharma's Nicotine Replacement Therapies had any advantage on the purity front in terms of carcinogens. 

There are a number of major manufacturers making commercially viable synthetic nicotine with the utmost care. Zero Tobacco Nicotine is the brand used by Juice Head Pouches but there are a couple rivals. They are all under strict legal scrutiny, as demonstrated in this study. Next Generation Labs, Contraf-Nicotex-Tobacco and others zealously guard their intellectual property. But it is worth noting that none of this synthetic nicotine is being made in a fly-by-night manner as it requires extensive manufacturing competence. 

Nicotine Pouch Customers

Most vendors report that the typical nicotine pouch user will go through a nicotine pouch can every two to three days. This amounts to six to ten used daily.

Most current smokers and vapers have not agreed to being strong-armed into nicotine abstinence, the demand for these products is likely to increase.

The unmeetable hurdles created by unelected federal regulators, the well-funded propaganda machines of anti-nicotine lobbyists, and tobacco-industry initiatives to ban every vape that they do not personally profit from have not succeeded into strong arming all nicotine users into a life of total abstinence. What they have done is create a boom market for alternative products for adults. 

Chart Nicotine Pouches


Wholesale Nicotine Pouch Market

Global forecasts of nicotine pouch sales growth are extremely optimistic, this is a trend that can be capitalized on through wholesale nicotine pouch sales. While some early adopters of non-tobacco nicotine pouches fizzled, the global market projected to increase from 2 billion USD in 2023 to 15 billion in 2030 is impossible to ignore in this market space.

A study found that in Q4 219, 126 million units of nicotine pouches were sold in the US and that increased to 801 million units by Q1 2022. The compound annual growth rate is estimated at 35.7 percent.

Currently, the major players are still the Big Tobacco products that dominate shelf-space, but there is an opening for smaller businesses selling higher-margin products with superior flavor and more nicotine strength options.

Wholesale Nicotine Pouch Products

In the US, the sad truth is that many adult vapers are being funneled back onto combustible cigarettes by flavor bans, but others are seeking an alternative outlet. And that outlet is nicotine pouches.

And the emergence of independent brands, the technology behind nicotine pouches is rather simple, has also opened the door for nicotine pouches free from the influence of Big Tobacco.

This is no small deal, as it allows smaller businesses to compete with chains that have favorable tobacco-oriented shelf-space and allows adults to cut the cord entirely with the tobacco industry.

Juice Head Nicotine Pouches Wholesale

Juice Head Pouches

Juice Head announced their launch of fruit forward nicotine pouches last year. A trusted manufacturer, they have complied with every FDA PMTA rule and to no avail to date. By offering familiar flavors to adult vapers cut off from the products they prefer, Juice Head hopes to provide a compelling product that can be differentiated from its Big Tobacco Rivals by flavor variety, value, and additional nicotine strengths. Made with Zero Tobacco Nicotine, it will be familiar to Zyn users in every way, save a more colorful nicotine pouch can. 

Shop Juice Head Pouches

Wholesale nicotine pouch customers will approve of the excellent appearance of the nicotine pouch can, greater margins, and that it is a unique product in a world awash with cinnamon and winter green nicotine pouches. It gives customers a reason not to shop at the local gas station for On!, Velo and Zyn nicotine pouches.  


Zimo Nicotine Pouches Wholesale

Zimo Infographic

Simply pop open the child-safe can and insert under your top lip.  That is what it takes for an adult to switch to Zimo Nicotine Pouches. Wholesale nicotine pouch buyers will notice the competitive pricing and addition of some familiar flavors. As nicotine pouches contain no tobacco or tobacco flavor, Zimo took advantage by offering three of the most popular flavors with adult vapers, as well as the typical cinnamon and wintergreen fare of the typical nicotine pouch. 

Zimo Pouches

Failed FDA Regulations Set Table for Nicotine Pouches

Vaping rates are down 60 percent since 2019 among minors, thanks to Tobacco-21, and when properly enforced these laws will also serve as a check on youth nicotine pouch use.

The reason most minors give for vaping is to ‘give it a try’ according the CDC’s Youth Tobacco Survey at 26 percent. It is followed by ‘other people use them and I join in’ at 21 percent. 

The fact that the most popular vape products with adults are palatable fruit-inspired flavors that most humans prefer, whether it is kombucha or a confection, and not fauxbacco flavors should surprise no one. It would defy all common sense if minors who had never smoked would seek out fake tobacco flavors, when this flavor profile is found in no other consumable.

When viewed through this dispassionate framework, that 16 percent of minors who try vapes do so because they do not taste like cigarettes is hardly surprising. Keep in mind that the expert Senators leading this charge were tilting at slow-selling e-liquid windmills with names like Scooby Snacks while Mint Juul flew off the shelves. Markley and Romney in particular made products like this the visual aids, while totally missing the actual popular products on the market.  

Youth Vaping Drops but So Does Adult Access

Unfortunately, the myopia of anti-vaping groups has played out real-time as a public health crisis, an FDA study shows that flavor bans increase cigarette sales. The pharmaceutical company manufactured nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs) touted by Bloomberg funded groups like the Orwellian-named Truth Initiative have been thrashed from pillar to post in every smoking cessation study.


Flavor Ban Fall Out

It was inevitable that adult users would not end up swearing off nicotine products forever or lining the coffers of Johnson & Johnson for their ineffectual Nicorette products.

Pursuit of this goal is the exact scheme that the Philippines investigators unmasked when they ousted Bloomberg appointed regulators for implementing onerous vaping regulations that would have directly benefitted pharmaceutical companies.

Flavor Bans Punish Marginalized Groups

Zyn is currently the dominant player, and its popularity has set up a rather different political climate than the one vaping has faced. The fact the tobacco industry controls such a large share of the market also means that their lobbying efforts are more likely to protect than attack nicotine pouches.

The reality is that vaping draws a disproportionate number of users from marginalized groups far removed from the levers of power. The LGBTQIA community smokes at the highest levels. As studies have shown, this unfortunately means a vulnerable population is at increased of adverse health effects when they are denied access to smoke and ash free alternatives.

That the Center for Black Equity found vape flavor bans have been tremendously damaging to the African American community. Their information is well worth examining.  

Below is just one of many informative and science-based graphics they provided. This report was released in October, 2023. 

Their research found that the shift from vaping to smoking saved 113,300 lives between 2010 and 2022 and added $180 billion to the economy through health care savings and additional economic growth. For this reason, they called on the FDA to approve flavored e-cigs. These efforts fell on deaf ears in a Democratic Caucus where Bloomberg’s millions hold tremendous sway.


Compare the complete crickets that the Center for Black Equity received for defending vaping with the firestorm surrounding proposed restrictions on nicotine pouch products, especially Zyn, just three months later.

Significant GOP influencers are current users of nicotine pouches. They almost immediately identified the hypocrisy of proposed flavor bans based on inscrutable and changing criteria, leading to a level of partisan pushback that vaping prohibitionists have never had to confront.

Chuck Schumer, a Democratic Senator from New York, and friend of one Michael Bloomberg, is a long-time advocate of flavor and vape bans. When he attempted to vilify Zyn in the same manner he has teed off on adult vaper for a decade, he was lampooned for his heavy-handed efforts to restrict adult access to legal products.

It remains a sad and tangible monument of failed progressive policies that San Francisco, is at times a beacon of progressive values and humane harm reduction policies. These have included offer fentanyl testing strips, needles, NARCAN and sundry support for demonstrably deadly addictions including proposed safe injection sites.

It is also a city that has made it impossible for adult vapers to obtain ash and smoke free combustible cigarette alternatives within city limits and has criminalized resellers.  

As laid out by the Center for Black Equity's report, the groups who suffer most are the marginalized adults that they purport to champion and protect. 

Anti-Vaping Failures Paved Way for Nicotine Pouches

Consider for a moment how the wealthy and mostly liberal backers of anti-vaping lobbying groups would view an abstinence crusade against any other adult behavior, vice, or risky activity.

If your vision of this hypothetical scenario does not end with the prohibitionists branded as naïve and the man bankrolling this movement to the tune of a QUARTER BILLION DOLLARS characterized as a threatening force, I suggest you reconsider.

Of course, the easiest vices to ban are those of strangers and the wealthy ceased smoking decades ago. They did not cease drinking. This sufficiently explains why Mountain Dew flavored hard seltzers are available at grocery stores and a strawberry flavored vape is considered some affront to humanity engineered for children. 

The artificial flavor profiles most popular in vapes directly correspond to the artificial flavor profiles most popular in every processed food and consumable product. Notably, actual cannabis candies get less flack than a nicotine product that is said to maybe taste like one. 

“Nothing so needs reforming as other people's habits. Fanatics will never learn that, though it be written in letters of gold across the sky. It is the prohibition that makes anything precious.”

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