Best Disposable Vapes for Convenience Stores

The best disposable vapes for convenience stores and gas stations combine an excellent margin for the reseller combined with an exceptional vaping experience for the adult customer. There was a time when brick and mortar stores were limited to dodgy gas station vapes, cigalike vape pens, and prefilled pod kits from the tobacco industry. Giant clownish cigalikes with with white and brown stickers to look like actual oversized combustibles, expensive swappable pods that cost $20 per ml, small and harsh cigalikes that lasted just a few hours, it was grim times for the buyer and these were products that were unlikely to generate repeat business. 

Today, wholesale disposable vapes are cutting edge devices with incredible performance and they are also extremely reliable. They don't take up much shelf space, require no education to use, and are basically perfect for gas stations and convenience stores and their adult customers.  

Mipod wholesale 

Thanks to the use of nicotine salts and rechargeable battery designs, disposable vapes now deliver a satisfying vaping experience and are loaded with cutting edge technology. The best gas station vapes can now compete in terms of flavor and satisfaction with open pod and tank systems. Mi-Pod carries a wide range of wholesale disposable vapes in order to meet these customers needs, providing value for adult vapers seeking alternative products and resellers looking to build brand loyalty with reliable and superior products.

Advantages of Disposable Vapes over Big Tobacco Pods

Disposable vapes deliver exactly what adult vapers are looking for: ease of use, satisfaction, and flavor. They are draw-activated and ready to use out of the box. One key advantage of disposable vapes when compared to prefilled pod kits like Juul, Vuse, and MyBlu is they are still sold in the flavors that adults prefer.

Flavor preferences

The chart above how strongly adults of all ages prefer sweet beverage and dessert flavors to fauxbacco fake artificial tobacco flavors. Convenience store owners probably won't be too surprised. There are not many fake tobacco flavored seltzers and energy drinks. But flavors like blueberry and strawberry are in everything.

Flavors are certainly an important advantage a disposable vape has over its Big Tobacco manufactured rivals. An FDA sponsored study showed that vape flavor bans increase cigarette sales. But the biggest advantage for customers is their value. It costs significantly less to use a disposable vape, on the order of hundreds of dollars a month.

This might seem detrimental to a store owner looking for repeat business but the margins on disposable vapes are much better than the cigarette industries vape models as well.

Best Disposables Vapes for C-Stores

There is a lot more to the vape market and we will cover that later but first we are going to look at the best disposable vapes for convenience store and gas station sales. When buying vapes wholesale, there are a couple important factors that help differentiate the top disposable vapes from the rest of the pack.

A quality disposable vape brand will have reliable supply, great flavor options, and quality designs that limit defectives. If you ever dealt with the earliest generation of disposables, you will be stunned by how far these disposable devices have come. 

But keep in mind that many disposable vape manufacturers will turn out different lines of products as fast as they can. This strategy limits the quality of the unit, while also causing severe supply chain issues that limits their stock for certain models.

In turn, this frustrates customers at checkout when their vape of choice is not consistently available. Here is our list of brands that satisfy all of the important needs for c-store shop owners. These are premium brands and the products customers seek and are loyal too. If your gas station or convenience store carries these products, adult vapers are likely to be repeat customers. Combining the convenience of a brick and mortar store with the convenience of disposable vapes, here are the best disposable vapes for convenience stores and gas stations. 

Flonq Max Pro

Flonq Max Pro

The Flonq Max Pro offers the flexibility of a devidce sold in a vape shop in a c-store friendly packages. There are other SMART Vapes and boosted vapes on the market with big puff counts and vapor production. The Flonq Max Pro also offers a lower nicotine strength in several flavors, while still providing the stronger nicotine kick that many adults consider integral to a discrete and enjoyable vaping experience. Combining the best features with reliable performance and flexibility, it is a product that can be easily distinguished from the competition.

Another feature is the mature packaging and appearance, something the vaping industry should adopt as a best practice. Wholesale Flonq Disposables cover all the bases as a unique product that also matches the heavy hitters in the disposable vape space stride for stride. 

Fifty Bar Disposable Vapes

Fifty Bar

The Fifty Bar is assembled in the US. It has US formulated and manufactured e-liquids that have been formulated for the palate of American vapers. Recent tobacco industry efforts to paint disposable vapes as a Chinese import fall flat when you realize the Vuse Alto is also manufactured in China. The best they can claim is that their pods are filled/blended in the US. One guess where the nicotine and liquids come from!

The Fifty Bar is more than just an exercise in patriotism. It holds 16ml of e-liquid and has unique flavor combinations that are more complex and delightful than the typical fruit and menthol fusions found in rivals. It may not have a screen but an anti-burn mesh coil is a huge feature. Probably much more important to you customer than a flashing rocketship graphic. If you want to buy Fifty Bar Vapes wholesale, MiPod has all the flavors and is a perfect partner. 

Lost Mary MT15000 Turbo

Earlier Lost Mary Devices had great flavor and good performance. The Lost Mary MT15000 Turbo is their foray into the world of smart vapes. It has a pair of modes, Smooth (11w) and Turbo (22w). There is a nice display with the information you need. The biggest selling point is that the pre-filled e-liquid in this device is made by Lost Mary. They have a reputation for tantalizing taste buds and are one of the most trusted and popular disposable vape brands. Buy wholesale Lost Mary Vapes from MiPod if you are looking for reliable best-selling disposables with name recognition and the quality to match. 

Lost Mary MO20000 Pro

A mature and sophisticated disposable vape with enough e-liquid capacity to take an adult vaper on a prolonged vaping journey before needing replacement, the Lost Mary MO20000 Pro is a huge level-up from the original MO5000 and also has some advantages on its stablemate the M15000 Turbo. Specifically, it has better battery life, a slightly higher output in its boosted mode, and one of the easiest to read screens on the disposable vape market.

Lost Mary OS5000

You may not be able to teach an old dog new tricks but the Lost Mary OS5000 still packs a performance and value wallop that gas station pod kits cannot match. The flavors are enhanced too, while an improved next generation coil allows it to provide adult vapers with a nicotine intake comparable to the regular/smooth mode found on dual coil disposables.

Amazing Lost Mary flavors combined with sturdy and time-tested disposable vape hardware has resulted in one of the hottest devices in the industry. With compact hardware, the Lost Mary OS5000 packs a ton of salt nic juice flavor and satisfaction into a palm sized device. The rechargeable 650mAh battery is good for a day of vaping and recharges quick with a USB-C port. The Lost Mary OS5000 collection has plenty of great flavors and models to choose from.  Lost Mary is responsible for making best selling products because they are pros.


BC5000 is the name to look for. Elf Bar is a totally different product after a lawsuit over use of that name. For convenience store owners interested in purchasing wholesale BC5000 Disposable Vapes, it is important to know that they are rechargeable devices that do not come with a USB-C cable. The puff count is still estimated at 5000 plus puffs. The battery remains rated at 650mAh.  It may not be the best vape anymore but it is still effective.

Off Stamp SW9000

Off Stamp

There is no doubt that the FDA's regulations have led to an unbalanced selection of products which would look quite different without the Deeming Rule. The Off Stamp SW9000 is one of the best efforts in part because it addresses the sheer wastefulness of one-time use devices. It is a modular disposable vape. The larger battery, dubbed the kit, is reused while the disposable component is tossed after use.

wholesale offstamp

The combined device reduces the waste and expense of disposables as the most expensive component, the chipset and large USB-C battery, is designed to last. Buy wholesale Off Stamp disposable kits and replacement disposables at Mi-Pod. 

RAZ DC25000

The RAZ TN9000 was a smash hit, with unique flavors and a compact design. It looked quite a bit like a Geek Bar Pulse, and while it had adjustable airflow it did not have a dual core. All those concerns are addressed in its big brother.

Not only does it look like a mod but it feels like one with an leather inlay. Airflow and mode are controlled separately for optimal flexibility. This is a sturdy and high-performance disposable vape.

RAZ TN9000

The RAZ TN9000 remains a compact and reliable disposable vape. The flavor selection features more unique flavors than any vape this side of Fifty Bar. While not the technological powerhouse that the larger DC25000 might be, it is still a smart vape and a best seller. As value add to customers, wholesale RAZ vapes offer some dessert inspired flavor options and updated fruit choices that many vapers swear by. 

Geek Bar Pulse

The Geek Bar Pulse was an earlier adopter of dual modes and smart technology. It also seemed to pioneer the fixation on rocket ships. This device just works. A refreshing blast of chill and flavor can be found across its robust product line. Buy wholesale Geek Bar Pulse disposables if you want a sure-fire hit. It was the original innovator and remains at the front of the pack with an assortment of super flavors. 

If you are looking for a curated guide to the flavor options, check out the Best Geek Bar Pulse flavors for more information. When you have "it" you have it. And the Big Tobacco manufactured vape pens look pretty weak compared to this technological tour de force.

Its a snapshot into an alternate universe where vape products for adults were allowed to develop along normal technological lines. There is heated competition, it may not be the "best disposable vape" on paper. But the Geek Bar Pulse is always a shrewd choice as a wholesale vape purchase for convenience stores and gas stations.


A lot of vape shop owners will stock cheap charging cords, USB-C today and mini-USB in years past. But at a gas station or convenience store, keeping a bucket of cords around to cover for the brands that do not include them in the disposable vape package is a hassle. The FASTA PLUGIN 18000 addresses this head-on. It has all the features of a smart vape: Two modes, e-liquid and battery displays. It has a big battery as well. But it is called the FASTA Plugin because the charging cable is built-in. The whole package is quite competitive and this is the cherry on top. For convenience, smart appearance and great performance the FASTA PLUGIN 18000 wholesale vape collection just makes sense. 

RabBeats RC10000 Touch

The RabBeats RC10000 Touch is a big upgrade on the original RC10000. Which is no small deal as the original RC10000 was a sturdy smart vape with nice performance, anti-burn technology in an advanced mesh coil and great flavors. Whichever RC10000 makes more sense, RabBeats vapes wholesale are available at Mi-Pod. As a master distributor, you will not beat our prices or selection. 

Back to the RabBeats RC10000 Touch, the addition of three modes that can be controlled by a touch screen is what makes this disposable device stand out from the hordes of gas station disposables. As far as vape products go, this disposable vape design just works. The lighting and displays are classy. The variety of flavors available are extensive and RabBeats is respected among disposable vape brands for reliability. It has a smooth draw and avoids burning to the last puff.

It may seem wasteful to have a touch screen on a single use screen but the exceptional performance cannot be denied.

Disposable Vape Popularity

Now that disposable vapes are the most commonly used vape device across the United States, vapes have become significantly easier to sell at convenience stores and gas stations. Selling vape mods and sub-ohm vape tanks in a convenience store is difficult. These require product education, replacement coils and pods, and a selection of e-liquids to fill the device. Selling a pre-filled and draw-activated product with superior performance to Big Tobacco stalwarts like Vuse or MyBlu is a much easier proposition. 

Along with tobacco-free nicotine pouches, disposable vapes have taken a big bite out of cigarette sales in a way that vape pens never could. Smoking rates have been declining for almost 60 years. This progress has been checked by FDA regulations. An FTC report in the October 2021 found cigarette sales increased for the first time in a quarter century. 

Even with this recent reversal of fortune, the erosion of the core cigarette business has been severe. As reported in the Wall Street Journal:

"According to data from Marlboro maker, cigarettes’ share of the U.S. nicotine industry fell to 60% last year, down from 80% in 2018. Smokers are switching to smoke-free products such as vapes in higher numbers than expected. If the trend continues, it will only take another three years for cigarettes’ share to slip below 50%."

The table below shows where this pressure has been coming from. The US adult population has grown by some 23 million since 2011. The total number of adult nicotine users, be it tobacco, vapes or pouches, has declined

This is why the vape industry is facing a tobacco industry funded backlash. Check out our feature for more information on this push to create a tobacco industry monopoly by driving innovative, economical and adult-friendly products from the market: The Big Lies of Big Tobacco.

Disposable vapes offer a number of huge performance advantages over the Big Tobacco produced pod kits offered by Vuse and Juul. They offer significantly more puffs, hold far more salt nic juice, have longer lasting batteries, utilize off the shelf charging ports rather than propreitary docks, and are still available in the great flavors that most adult vapers prefer. Even the most humble disposable vape will hold many times more e-liquid than a 0.7ml Juul pod or the larger 1.8ml Vuse Alto. 

Filter Magazine picked up on this trend, with an expose showing how the FDA props up the cigarette industry. It has to be noticed that the neither the Vuse Alto nor the disposables listed above are on any different legal footing. Only a group of obsolete and unpopular e-cigs have been approved. 

C-Store and Gas Station Increase Vape Sales

Due to the increase in vape regulations that have been sweeping across the United States in that past few years, many vape shop retailers and online vape businesses were forced to close down. When you pair that with a growing demand for vape products, it has provided a boon for convenience store and gas station retailers across the country.

Many c-store and gas station retailers have probably learned that large convenience store distributors do not offer the same product selection, knowledge or pricing that quality vape wholesale businesses have to offer. This has created the need for convenience store buyers to find the top selling wholesale disposable vapes for c-stores on their own.

Juul and Vuse vs. Disposable Vapes

Since most convenience store retail businesses have agreements in place that force them to carry the Juul and Vuse product lines, many shop owners have realized that this is simply not enough due to the growing need for high quality vapes.

Furthermore, the federal law that bans the sales of flavored vape pods restricts adult vapers from getting the flavors that they prefer. B2C shipping can be a hassle for many vapers. Brick and mortar purchases are the obvious solution. 

Wholesale Nicotine Pouches

The tobacco industry's alternative products may not be able to compete with disposable vapes on a level field of play but the popularity of nicotine pouches cannot be denied. If you are looking for higher margin pouches from independent manufacturers, Mi-Pod sells wholesale nicotine pouches from trusted brands like Zimo, Sesh, and Juice Head. 

Our feature article, Understanding Nicotine Pouches, has everything you need to know to buy nicotine pouches wholesale. 

Unlike disposable vapes, which are unfairly maligned at times. The nonsense of flavor bans and the damage these do to marginalized groups and nicotine users has been noted. 



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