Best Disposable Vapes for Convenience Stores

Over time, the most popular vape products have consistently changed. A decade or so ago when e-Cigs were introduced to the marketplace, many vape brands produced products that were not suitable for convenience store sales.

Today, the most popular and cutting edge devices have never been easier to use. Disposable vapes deliver exactly what adult vapers are looking for: ease of use, satisfaction, and flavor. They are draw-activate and ready to use out of the box. 

Now that disposable vapes are the most commonly used vape device across the United States, vapes have become significantly easier to sell at convenience stores and gas stations. Selling vape mods and sub-ohm vape tanks in a convenience store is difficult. Selling a draw-activated product with superior performance to Big Tobacco stalwarts like Vuse or MyBlu is a much easier proposition. 

Disposable vapes offer a number of huge performance advantages over the Big Tobacco produced pod kits offered by Vuse and Juul. They offer significantly more puffs, hold far more salt nic juice, have longer lasting batteries, utilize off the shelf charging ports rather than propreitary docks, and are still available in the great flavors that most adult vapers prefer. Even the most humble disposable vape will hold many times more e-liquid than a 0.7ml Juul pod or the larger 1.8ml Vuse Alto. 

C-Store and Gas Station Increase Vape Sales

Due to the increase in vape regulations that have been sweeping across the United States in that past few years, many vape shop retailers and online vape businesses were forced to close down. When you pair that with a growing demand for vape products, it has provided a boon for convenience store retailers across the country. Many c-store and gas station retailers have probably learned that large convenience store distributors do not offer the same product selection, knowledge or pricing that quality vape wholesale businesses have to offer. This has created the need for convenience store buyers to find the top selling wholesale disposable vapes for c-stores on their own.

Juul and Vuse vs. Disposable Vapes

Since most convenience store retail businesses have agreements in place that force them to carry the Juul and Vuse product lines, many shop owners have realized that this is simply not enough due to the growing need for high quality vapes.

Furthermore, the federal law that bans the sales of flavored vape pods restricts adult vapers from getting the flavors that they prefer. B2C shipping can be a hassle for many vapers. Brick and mortar purchases are the obvious solution. 

Best Disposables Vapes for C-Stores

There are a couple important factors that help differentiate the top disposable vapes from the rest of the pack. A quality disposable vape brand will have reliable supply, great flavor options, and quality designs that limit defectives.

Many disposable vape manufacturers will turn out different lines of products as fast as they can. This strategy limits the quality of the unit, while also causing severe supply chain issues that limits their stock for certain models. In turn, this frustrates customers at checkout when their vape of choice is not consistently available. Here is our list of brands that satisfy all of the important needs for c-store shop owners.

Funky Republic Ti7000

The Funky Republic collection features disposable vapes perfectly suited for brick and mortar resale. The Funky Republic Ti7000 is the flagship. Generating up to 7000 puffs, it is powered by a rechargeable 600mAh battery. The flavor collection focuses on only the most popular options. The 12.8ml capacity and 40mg nicotine strength guarantee long lasting performance. The ergonomic and compact form factor is designed for vapers on the go. 


This disposable brand has taken off in the United States due to their new designs that pair great flavor with quality design. With a classic design made famous by Elf Bar and later EB Design, the BC5000 allow vapers to enjoy a long-lasting and rechargeable disposable vape that fits in your pocket. It may not be a bulky design but it is long lasting. For convenience store owners interested in purchasing wholesale BC5000 Disposable Vapes, it is important to know that they are rechargeable devices that do not come with a USB-C cable.

The calculation of nicotine strength has changed, dropping the potency to 40mg on paper but the BC5000 delivers as much satisfaction and flavor as ever. A similar recalibrating regarding how the juice reservoir and polyfill are measured means a more modest milliliter count has not resulted in any decline in long-lasting performance, which is still estimated at 5000 plus puffs. The battery remains rated at 650mAh.  

Lost Mary OS5000

Amazing Lost Mary flavors combined with sturdy and time-tested disposable vape hardware has resulted in one of the hottest devices in the industry. With compact hardware, the Lost Mary OS5000 packs a ton of salt nic juice flavor and satisfaction into a palm sized device. The rechargeable 650mAh battery is good for a day of vaping and recharges quick with a USB-C port. The Lost Mary collection has plenty of great flavors and models to choose from. 

Draco Vapes

Draco disposable vapes are simply one of the highest quality disposable vapes on the market today. Not only do they have a line of twelve incredible flavors that were designed to maximize sales, they offer an incredible 6500 puffs per device, which draws customer attention immediately. The price per puff that customers pay is truly remarkable since most retail stores sell this disposable at $19.99 per unit. The Draco line includes the following flavors: Cool Mint, Strawberry Cream, Mango Berry, Mango Dragonfruit, Strawberry Kiwi, Red Grape, Sour Cherry, Luscious, Blue Lush, Citrus Lemonade, Peach Ice, and Mixed Berries. Find the innovative Draco vapes at wholesale today at many leading vape distributors nationwide.

VaporLax Disposable Vapes

VaporLax disposable vapes are one of the older models that make this list but are an incredible option for retailers that are looking for a high-quality device at a good price point. They offer nice packaging and defective rates that are ten times lower than the industry-standard of 2 percent. Furthermore, they have an adjustable airflow on the bottom of the unit that enables each customer to customize their vaping experience. These disposable vapes have particularly dominant market share in a couple of states in the United States: Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Hawaii to name a few. The VaporLax collection is loaded with great flavors. Unlike some longer lasting contemporaries, the VaporLax is a classic draw activated vape pen design and does not require recharging to access the 6.5ml capacity. 

Sirius Vapes

Sirius disposable vapes are some of the longest-lasting disposables on the market today. They offer a wide range of quality vape flavors and are prefilled with 10ml of nic salt vape juice. According to the public list of FDA PMTA-accepted products, the Sirius is the largest disposable vape that had a PMTA-submission acceptance. This is incredibly important for retail buyers that are interested in finding devices that fit these requirements.