Best Arizona Vape Distributors

Best Vape Distributors in Arizona

A local business based in Phoenix, Mi-Pod was recently ranked as one of the Top Workplaces in Arizona. This dedication to quality merely reflects the business practices that also makes Mi-Pod the best vape distributor in Arizona. 

Master Distributor

As a master distributor, Mi-Pod Wholesale has access to the best products and inventory. We take out the hassle of dealing directly with the manufacturer or with a wholesaler lower in the supply chain. This is how you can get the amazing Flum based UT Bar from Mi-Pod, while states other than Arizona and other distributors are out of luck when it comes to the 

UT Bar Disposable

Many entrepreneurs have entered the vaping arena and took advantage of high-quality vape products. But it can be difficult to stay ahead of trends and the best vape wholesalers and distributors in the country tend to be the businesses that stay on top of industry trends, offer competitive pricing, ship quickly, and provide great customer support. Mi-Pod has their pulse on the industry and our customers benefit from this knowledge. 

Most vape distributors or wholesalers started out by selling vape mods and high-VG e-Liquids and have shifted to vape pods and now wholesale disposable vapes in order to cater to the ever-changing market. Below we will discuss the concrete advantage of pairing with a master distributor like Mi-Pod and some of the top vape suppliers in the state of Arizona for vape shops, smoke shops and convenience stores. 

Top Reasons to Partner With Mi-Pod

Vaping is a competitive business but one with loyal adult customers. If you are looking to sell vapes wholesale in the US, and especially Arizona, Mi-Pod Wholesale is your best choice. 

Mi-Pod is a master distributor which is well-equipped to handle customers no matter their sales volume. We supply vape stores, convenience stores, gas stations, and retail websites with the best wholesale vape products on the market today. Whether you prefer to carry established products like Flum wholesale vapes or want to gain a competitive edge by identifying hot new products like the Flonq disposable, Mi-Pod will always have the largest possible selection and a number of very tangible value adds that can really help kickstart your business. 

In-House Printing

Mi-Pod Wholesale has an in-house graphic design team and facilities to print promotional materials. Unlike many of the materials, we create legally compliant and high-quality marketing assets. Nationally, let alone in Arizona, there is no master vape distributor than can match our flexibility and capabilities. This pays off big-time for our customers, as the time spent and trips to the print shop would cost thousands of dollars. Time, effort, and money can be saved by purchasing from Mi-Pod Wholesale. 

Point of Sale Marketing Materials

The big advantage of in-house printing is Mi-Pod Wholesale's ability to design bespoke point of sale marketing materials and quickly execute the designs in-house.

Arizona customers have access to durable and beautiful Coroplast signage. Not only practical, this is a durable and often inaccessible level of marketing material that our partners benefit from. 

Laminated flavor cards are one of our most popular items. These allow a wholesale customer to curate and educate the wide array of vaping products on the market. The best way to get repeat vape business is to find a perfect flavor match the first time. 

Customized window clings, and view throughs are a proven way to draw foot traffic and Mi-Pod can make both in-house. If your business is looking to benefit from the Mi-Pod advantage with something more elaborate, vinyl banners, display cases, posters and pamphlets are all extremely popular and a huge value add for our local Arizona customers. 

Award Winning Customer Service

B2B customers can take full advantage of our award-winning customer service. We have a staff of product experts and company philosophy which demands we go above and beyond.Mi-Pod Store Locator

Mi-Pod Store Locator

Selling vapes is all about seeing and being seen. You need to know what is popular, and purchasing from a master distributor can help you keep your finger on the pulse of the vape business, but also need to be easily located by potential customers. The Mi-Pod vape store locator is highly trafficked webpage that ranks highly and is great for local customers looking to find the best vape products. With a filter that shows who carries the hottest vapes, it is exactly what an Arizone vape store needs to gain walk-up business. Digital and physical advertising are both areas where Mi-Pod Wholesale excels. 

Dedicated Wholesale Sales Reps

Mi-Pod Wholesale has an amazing team of local sales reps for Arizona. These dedicated reps provide continuity and cover geographic regions giving them specific insights into your market. They have access to more up-to-date information than even the manufacturer, as they are primarily interested in moving products that sell and bring in repeat business. 

Award Winning Customer Service

Mi-Pod is more than just a distributor. We have award winning customer service. B2B customers benefit from the personal touch provided by Arizona's Top Workplace in 2023. 

Why Buy from an Arizona Distributor Instead of a Manufacturer

Manufacturers specialize in making products and distributors exist to sell products. It is important to consider this division of labor. Purchasing from a local master distributor located in Arizona like Mi-Pod provides an enormous competitive advantage. Not only can you take advantage of the services outlined about but Arizona distributors confer another competitive edge. 

Distributors do not have the same sort of order minimum orders that a manufacturer does. And with boots on the ground in Arizona, Mi-Pod offers better customer and inventory support than any maker of vapes. Whether it is providing materials to educate customers, one of the primary selling points of a vape shop, identifying product opportunities, or providing insight into the market, Mi-Pod is the best Arizona vape distributor. 


Vape Wholesale in Arizona

Since Arizona is located in a state with no vape excise tax, it is often less cumbersome to be in the vape industry. Other states have exceptionally high vape taxes which in turn has actually increased combustible cigarette smoking rates in their municipalities.

You can find results from a study performed on the state of Massachusetts that explains how e-Cigarettes and combustible cigarettes tend to be economic substitutes. Therefore, a vape tax or vape flavor ban often will increase the use of traditional combustible cigarettes.

Mi-Pod Wholesale

Mi-Pod has been in the vape industry for quite some time and started out as a chain of brick and mortar stores in the Phoenix area. Mi-Pod, originally under the name SmokingVapor, started out by selling prefilled e-Cig cartridges. As the industry changed, Mi-Pod updated their product lines and started to distribute to vape shops and smoke shops nationwide. The release of the Mi-Pod refillable vape pod device, followed by the release of the VaporLax disposable vape lines helped increased their brand recognition. Mi-Pod Wholesale offers some of the most cutting-edge technology available to vapers today.

Mi-Pod Wholesale offers award-winning customer service that is available over the phone or through e-mail as well as fast shipping times for all order sizes. Furthermore, their great pricing on some of the top wholesale disposable vapes on the market gives shop owners big margins on products that will sell quickly. Mi-Pod Wholesale offers free store pickup for local Phoenix business owners at their headquarters located at: 4908 E McDowell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85008.

G&Fire Wholesale

G&Fire is a leading vape distributor that is located in Phoenix, Arizona. They offer a wide variety of vape products that are popular in the western United States. They offer top-selling disposable vape lines, like the Sirius Vape for shop owners. G&Fire also sells refillable vape hardware, vape juice and more.

G&Fire prides themselves on staying on top of vape trends in the Phoenix area and enjoys providing customers a great experience.


VaporTech USA is another vape distributor located in Phoenix, Arizona. They manufacture and distribute a wide variety of disposable vape flavors for shop owners to choose. Their flagship product is the Vapo Disposable Vape. The Vapo comes in 3 different styles and multiple flavors.

The newest disposable vape offered at VaporTech is the Cube disposable vape. Wholesale Cube vapes are sold in 50mg and 0mg nicotine strengths for customers that prefer high nicotine strengths as well as nicotine free options. The new Cube disposable vape is prefilled with 11mL of quality vape juice flavoring which allows it to be one of the longest-lasting disposable vapes.

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