Act Now to Stop the Illinois Vape Ban

As a vape wholesaler or reseller, you and your business are now in peril. Illinois House Bill HB 5069 is known to advocates as “PMTA Registry” legislation. It has been introduced and referred to the House Rules Committee. HB 5069 should be referred to the next committee soon.

Stop Flavor Ban CASAA

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If enacted, this law would effectively make the state of Illinois an enforcement arm of the Food and Drug Administration empowering state authorities to enforce the disastrous federal anti-vaping regulations. This would put independent vape shops out of business, hundreds of workers out of jobs. A recent FDA study showed that flavor bans increase cigarette sales.

Please take a minute to send an email to your lawmakers urging them to oppose this HB 5069! This law is carefully worded so that products such as the Vuse Alto, NJoy, and MyBlu are not impacted but selling popular disposable vapes is criminalized.


Illinois in Big Tobacco’s Crosshairs

While vaping has been under siege for many years, this bill will criminalize vape sales. Few vape shops can survive selling eight-year-old pod kits, mods, and a couple lines of e-liquid.

A legally enforced monopoly will provide the tobacco industry with the freedom to raise prices further and the profit margin for resellers. The tobacco industry has been unwilling or unable to compete with the independent vape industry in terms of price and innovation. Youth vaping rates have fallen every year since 2019, and the odds of a national flavor ban that would only benefit the tobacco industry seem more remote than ever.

Cost to Consumer and Businesses

Big Tobacco products have lower margins that products from the independent vape industry. And their products also cost the end user far more. This table shows the huge difference in price. With a legally enforced monopoly it seems unlikely the tobacco industry will lower their prices or provide better margins to resellers. 

Vape Cost Bill

Consumer freedom, entrepreneurship, customer choice and your pocketbook will take a huge hit if the Illinois Vape Sales Ban is to pass.