Act Now to Stop Rhode Island Vape Sales Ban

As a vape wholesaler or reseller, your business and customers face a grave threat.

Rhode Island

A provision in a must-pass budget bill (H 7225) in Rhode Island would tax vapor products at an outrageous 80% of wholesale price. This provision would also codify the Rhode Island Health Department’s ban on flavored products. An FDA funded study found cigarette sales increase in areas with flavor bans.

While increasing taxes on cigarettes are shown to have an effect on people quitting smoking, raising taxes on safer products like vaping are known to discourage people from making the switch. 

H.7225, Article 6, Sections 16-20 is scheduled for a hearing on

  • Tuesday, March 12, 2024
  • Time: Rise of the Senate (approximately 4:30 PM)
  • Senate Finance Committee
  • State House, Room 211
  • Rhode Island advocates are encouraged to submit written comments on this proposal by sending you comments in an email to SenateFinance@rilegislature.govTestimony must be submitted by 3:30PM on March 12.

Advocates are also encouraged to attend this hearing. If you would like to speak on the bill, a sign up sheet should be available one to two hours prior to the hearing. Even if you do not plan to speak, your presence is important as it demonstrates how many people are affected by this proposal.

Prior to the hearing, please take a moment to send a message to your Rhode Island Senator urging them to oppose H 7225, Article 6, Section 16.


Click on the CASAA Call-to-Action below or use their Legislator Lookup to find who represents you and let them know that you vape, you vote, and that this scheme will destroy jobs and lives.

Click on this CASAA Call to Action to make your voice heard. 

CASAA Call to Action

PMTA Registry Laws

The Rhode Island law is a classic gambit, but more issues can be expected soon. Big Tobacco has lobbied for a raft of PMTA Registry Laws nationwide. These laws are worded so that Big Tobacco’s products, the commercially available ones having not received PMTA authorization either, are still permitted for sale while rival products are barred from the state in every form and criminalized.

Cost of Vapes Table

Your business is at stake and must make your voice heard. Big Tobacco’s vape products are lower margin products that simply are not as popular. If they could compete on a level field of play, they would not have to lobby for laws that create a monopoly and criminalize the competition.

You can also visit the Vapor Technology Association Action Center and their Rhode Island Call to Action. From here it is easy to make your voice and concerns heard. 

Rhode Island CTA

Consumer freedom, entrepreneurship, customer choice and your pocketbook will take a huge hit if the Rhode Island Vape Sales Ban is to pass.


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