Mipodwholesale.com is currently undergoing an upgrade to our Points & Rewards system, this may last up to 48 hours. This change will bring new ways to redeem points and a general overhaul to the user experience. If you have any questions not answered on this page, please contact our Customer Support or your Account Manager.

Am I still earning Points?

Yes, although our points system is under construction, we are still tracking any orders on Mipodwholesale.com. While you may not be able to spend points today in checkout, the points you normally earn on orders will still be added to your account.

Do I keep my Balance?

Yes, our team has exported the Points Balance of each of our customers, tied to your email address. We will import these before we finish construction of the new program.

Am I losing anything?

Not at all. Your point balance will remain the same, and any unused Points-Discounts you've made in the past will be in your email inbox (These never expire). The rate at which points will be redeemed is not changing, the value of your points balance will remain the same.