Official U.S Distributor

Mi-One Brands has partnered with VaporLax to provide a wide variety of products and services to the domestic United States. Based out of Phoenix Arizona, our company offers custom-tailored marketing materials (or assets), special pricing per customer, and an assortment of Shipping Solutions (Small parcel, LTL-Pallets, Freight-Forwarder, Dropshipping, etc.).

Trusted American Brand

VaporLax disposable vape products are the most trusted brand of high quality disposable devices on the market. Based in Phoenix, Arizona they are a business built on integrity, transparency, quality and service and their premium lines of VaporLax 1500 and SIRIUS 2200 are driving profits and happy customers at stores across the country.

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Regulations & Safety

The regulatory environment around vaping products has been changing rapidly. And one of the most important things for vape devices is the FDAs PMTA process (Pre-Market Tobacco Applications). Make sure any brands of devices you carry have accepted submissions of PMTAs, or the products could be confiscated. Reputable brands can provide you with proper documentation. Secondly, ask for UL certification documentation. UL is the electrical safety standard and will ensure you are selling safe products to your customers.

Navigating the Uncertainty

One category of products that have grown exponentially for convenience stores are vaping products - and more specifically disposable vapes. There are so many options it has been difficult to know what will sell, who are the reputable manufacturers to carry, and how to ensure the products are safe to sell from a regulations standpoint so you can have the best product for your customer and drive the highest profit while limiting risk.

Do the Math

When deciding what to buy it can be confusing to know where to start, but it is important to first get educated. There are a lot of deceptive marketing practices specifically when it comes to “puff count”. Some brands are using an inflated arbitrary number to try and convince you to put on your shelves, and convince the customer that it will last longer so it’s a better value – when it’s not. Unfortunately, this is leaving customers dissatisfied and confused which may lead them to not come back. There is a need for integrity and transparency for both the retailers and consumers – and the simple solution is DO THE MATH. First look at Battery Capacity - Based on extensive lab testing, each mAh (milli-amp-hour) of battery capacity will give 1.5 puffs. So, if the battery is 1000 mAh capacity, then the device will produce 1500 puffs maximum. Second look at mL of E-Liquid - Each mL of liquid inside the device will allow for about 250 puffs. So, if the device has 6mL of liquid, it will also allow for 1500 puffs. The math doesn’t lie, and this is the math. Any claims otherwise are misleading and you should steer clear of those brands. If they overpromise and underdeliver this, you can assume that is how they will treat you as a customer too.