The Newest Addition from VaporLax Disposables

BOBO Disposable Vapes are the latest release from renowned disposable vape manufacturer, VaporLax. High-Quality Disposable vapes made with an innovate mesh coil, providing the most satisfying flavor production. Each BOBO device combines 14ml of tobacco-free nicotine vape juice with a rechargeable battery (micro-USB), offering up to +6000 puffs per device!

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Mi-One Brands has partnered with VaporLax to provide a wide variety of products and services to the domestic United States. Based out of Phoenix Arizona, our company offers custom-tailored marketing materials (and/or digital assets), special pricing per customer, and an assortment of Shipping Solutions. (Small parcel, LTL-Pallets, Freight-Forwarder, Dropshipping, etc.)


VaporLax disposable vape products are the most trusted brand of high quality disposable devices on the market. Based in Phoenix, Arizona they are a business built on integrity, transparency, quality and service and their premium lines of SIRIUS 2200, DRACO 6500, and now BOBO 6000 are driving profits and making customers happy at stores across the country.


All Mi-One Brands' vendors are required to set-up a Wholesale Account prior to ordering. Please Sign-Up using the Form Below or Contact an Account Manager to get your Wholesale Account created.

*Supplying your FEIN and Business Licenses ahead of time is an easy way to get your account approved faster! Simply include the information in the Questions/Comments section below.