Wholesale Guide to Puffco Cupsy and Budsy

Stealth Pipes

Discrete stealth pipes have been a fixture on the cannabis scene since the days when it was a habit that could cost you your freedom. Lookalike products have been popular products at head shops and smoke shops for close to half a century.

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As decriminalization has worked its way through the US, larger stealth bongs have increased in popularity and prevalence. We have come a long way from the days of a cheap aluminum one hitter painted to look like a filter cigarette that chipped immediately, the pack of cards sized wooden dugout, and fake pop cans for hiding bags of bud.


Why Sell the Puffco Cupsy Wholesale?

Many of the stealth products from yesteryear were more style than substance, but the Puffco Cupsy is a nice piece of gear. It is ultra-durable, compact and offers a near glass experience. Plus, it looks just like a coffee mug. 

Puffco Cupsy

This form factor means it is easy to tote about and fits in almost any cupholder. Like a coffee cup.  Wholesalers the should note the Puffco Cupsy is a newer design than the Puffco Budsy, which is a water bottle shaped stealth bong. 

The Puffco Budsy is a stalwart device but the Cupsy is in many ways the perfected model. This being said,  with record breaking heat the utility and stealth of a water bottle shaped bong is impressive. Especially one with the devoted fans that the Puffco Budsy has. 

This is an important category. Mi-Pod Wholesale is a master distributor of vape products, but we have a strong relationship with Puffco, carrying their most desirable devices wholesale. Puffco Vaporizers stand at one of the end spectrum, while classic stealth bongs like the Cupsy and Budsy offer plenty of performance in their own right. In fact, the Puffco Budsy is a distributor exclusive. This means you aren't competing with the Puffco website for retail sales. 

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Puffco is bullish on vaporizers and fancier gear but realize convenient and reasonably priced products like the Budsy and Cupsy are the bread and butter of Puffco wholesale.

Stealth Bongs

Stealth bong devices need not be undersized. The Puffco Budsy and Puffco Cupsy unique in that they are close to full sized bongs but stealthy. They accomplish this by looking like common consumer products,

The addition of water capacity makes them a premium device when compared to small personal marijuana bowls of the past. The Puffco Cupsy is a waterpipe disguised as a coffee cup. The Puffco Budsy was launched first and the Puffco Cupsy is in most ways the perfected model.

Bubbler or Bong

With due deference to regional and generational slang, the size of Cupsy and Budsy could easily place them in the category of bubbler rather than bong. The cylindrical form factor of the Cupsy and Budsy more closely resembles a tubular bong than a garishly colored glass waterpipe, but in terms of size, performance, and durability they are designed for mobility. They aren’t stationary devices in danger of tipping and spilling unless situated in a stable environment. There is no doubt they can, and should, be a fixture in some households but the use case for the Budsy and Cupsy pits them head-to-head with a compact and glass filled bubbler.


Puffco Cupsy

Puffco Cupsy 2

The Puffco Cupsy is a water pipe disguised as a basic insulated coffee cup. It is five inches tall and has the diameter of a standard coffee cup. The diameter at wider top end is about 3 inches and it has a diameter of about 2.25" at the bottom. In metric that is 60mm and 80mm. 

It was not modeled after the insulated, towering, and near thermos-sized mugs that are popular with commuters and office works. It has a short and squat profile, more like a coffee cup from a take-out order. It is filled with water and the mouthpiece folds out of the lid.

The Puffco Cupsy is made of stainless steel and is around $60. Simple in appearance, it is also simple to use. Flipping out the mouthpiece also exposes the bowl. A mouthpiece that is a bit closer to the size of coffee straw would be more discrete, although would hinder performance, maintenance, and durability. All things considered; it is still as stealthy as any bubbler but the size of a small bong. People drink coffee everywhere. The water filters and cools the smoke with water. But it is the little details that give Cupsy an edge in utility over the Budsy. 

Puffco Cupsy versus Puffco Budsy

 Puffco Cupsy 3

The Puffco Budsy was released in April 2021. The Cupsy did not hit the market until fall of 2022, allowing for several incremental improvements which provide a superior experience. A water bottle might make a “stealthier” choice to carry about, but it turns out the form factor of a smaller coffee cup provides some clear advantages.

  • The Puffco Cupsy has fewer folds and crevasses to trap spent resin, and this makes it easier to clean.
  • The Puffco Cupsy also has fewer and more conveniently shaped pieces, which further simplifies routine maintenance and cleaning.
  • The materials of the Puffco Cupsy are also easy to clean.
  • The Puffco Cupsy is easier to smoke, there is less inert air to move in the shorter Cupsy. The Budsy can require several inhales to generate smoke and clear the chamber.


Puffco Cupsy FAQs

Puffco Cupsy Diagram

Here are some answers to basic customer questions on the maintenance and cleaning of the Puffco Cupsy.


What is a Puffco Cupsy Made Of?

The mouthpiece and percolator of the Puffco Cupsy are made of BPA-free plastic. The bowl is ceramic. The exterior and interior lining is stainless steel. Other elements on the lid are silicone and plastic.

How to Clean a Puffco Cupsy

The Puffco Cupsy should not prove much more difficult to clean than a typical bong or bubbler made from these same materials. The Cupsy is a durable device meant to be used on the go. It does not use brittle glass components, but glass is an easier material clean in most cases. It is certainly easier to clean than its predecessor and stablemate the Puffco Budsy.

  • Disassemble the Cupsy by removing the top lid and disassembling the parts.
  • Soak the parts in isopropyl alcohol to clean them from particulate.
  • Dry and rinse the parts, then reassemble the Cupsy.
  • Clean the Cupsy regularly to maintain its performance and taste.

Best Way to Store a Puffco Cupsy

After cleaning, it is best to store the Puffco Cupsy in the following manner:

  • Store the Cupsy in a clean, dry place away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.
  • Consider using a storage bag to keep the Cupsy clean and protected.
  • When disassembling the Cupsy, store the parts together to avoid losing any pieces.
  • Proper storage of the Cupsy will help maintain its cleanliness and performance for future use.

Using the Puffco Cupsy

If you are familiar with the Puffco Budsy, the Cupsy operates in much the same manner. The rubber top is pressed into place as opposed to the Budsy's screw-on lid. Rather than a dangling bubbler stem, it has a firm plastic stem with several well-placed airholes to screen out the plant matter, allowing only smoke to pass through to the mouthpiece.

The Cupsy is portable and meant to use on the go, but wide triangular stem has venting slits, which is a superior design to most bongs. This approach allows maximum airflow, and it doesn't clog as easily.

Cupsy Interior Picture

Cleanup is straightforward. The part of the stem in contact with the water is most likely to need cleaning. Substituting some isopropyl alcohol, swirling this around in the base of the Cupsy, and rinsing it with hot water is going to remove a lot of the buildup.   

Once water is added and the lid is pressed down, the Puffco Cupsy provides major league performance. Wholesalers need not sell or view this product as some novelty item. It is well designed, durable, and delivers some solid performance.

Firing the Puffco Cupsy

The Puffco Cupsy has an air chamber that like a smaller glass bong, except it is made of durable steel and ceramic. It might not be glass, but the Cupsy cools the smoke very well for a shorter device. It can certainly be an everyday device at home, but it is also a very durable design because of its materials and design. It would be very hard to break the plastic, steel, and rubber fittings.

The Cupsy's smaller size allows you to clear the bowl and air chamber with a single medium-sized hit, so stale smoke between puffs is not an issue with the Cupsy. This is a big improvement on the Budsy, because the only airflow into the device are the mouthpiece and bowl. There is no carburetor to clear Caspar.

The Puffco designed bowl is slow to clog and easy to clear. Performance is comparable to glass bong, but for on-the-go performance nothing can match the durable Puffco Cupsy. It is designed to mitigating spilling and breakable. It is not totally idiot proof. It is watertight when the bowl and mouthpiece are buttoned up, but when it is open for action, it will leak water through those openings if tipped or dropped. Dropping can scratch the Cupsy but breaking it would take some errors in judgement.


Puffco Budsy

Puffco Budsy

Budsy is a water pipe disguised as a simple water bottle. A distributor exclusive, it is also a best-seller that is not available retail through Puffco. It looks like a fancy Nalgene bottle. It is 9 inches tall, has a diameter of 3 inches, and the fill amount is 420ml. As a Nalgene bottle can run $20, it is a remarkable deal as well. 

It is sturdy and portable, making it perfect for adventuring. The stealth of a water bottle might be greater than a coffee cup, especially in scenarios and times of day where coffee would be an unusual beverage of choice. 

Budsy looks like a water bottle and must be filled with water to be used properly. Fill the bottle with a small amount of water, which instantly cools down the vapor and filters out other particles.

The Budsy features a screw-on lid that contains the bong water inside the bottle while on the move and conceals the hidden ceramic bowl. The Budsy is sturdy and portable, making it perfect on the go. It is a rugged and handsome design that is not prone to clogging. It is immune from shattering like glass. The Budsy provides a near-glass experience but is better suited for outdoor activities and anywhere that glass is not suitable.



Puffco Budsy FAQs

Puffco Budsy Top

Here are some Puffco Budsy FAQs. The Puffco Budsy remains a viable alternative due to its clever design and the fact water bottles are a better fit than coffee cups in many scenarios. 

What is a Puffco Budsy Made From?

 The Budsy by Puffco is a water bottle pipe made with BPA-free Tritan plastic, a shatter-resistant and food-safe material free from harmful additives. The plastic is transparent, which makes cleaning easier. But it also makes any lack of cleaning or ash filled water easier to detect.

The Cupsy might be a bit better, but Budsy is still a solid design: Durable, discrete, and easy to use. The ceramic bowl inside the lid of the Budsy is inconspicuous and perfect for smoking dry herbs. It is a stealth bong that can take a spill and is relatively simple to maintain and operate.

Cleaning the Puffco Budsy

Puffco Budsy Components

While the Cupsy is a bit easier to clean, the Puffco Budsy is also straight-forward and low-maintenance.

  • Empty the water from the Budsy and remove the bowl.
  • Soak the bowl in isopropyl alcohol for about three hours.
  • Remove the bowl and use a Q-tip to clean any remaining residue after soaking.
  • Clean the plastic components of the Budsy with soap and water.
  • Rinse all the components with warm water and let them dry completely before using the Budsy again.

Storing the Puffco Budsy

 To store the Budsy by Puffco after cleaning, follow these steps:

  • Empty the bottle and rinse it with hot water to remove any soap residue.
  • Hold the stem under hot water to remove any stuck bits inside.
  • Dry the Budsy entirely before storing it.
  • Store the Budsy in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

It is important to note that all the plastic components inside the Budsy are dishwasher-safe and easily cleaned with soap and warm water.

Using the Puffco Budsy

Using the Puffco Budsy is straight forward enough, add some water, add some dry herbs into the flip out mouthpiece, and apply a flame

  • Adding water to the fill line.
  • Screw the lid back on securely.
  • Affix bowl to the airflow hole from its accessory bracket.
  • Fill ceramic bowl.
  • Apply flame.

Adding too much water can make the Puffco Budsy too tight of a draw. It should be filled approximately one-quarter of the way full. There is a thicker fill line on the side of the bottle, indicating the ideal waterline. It is large enough to fit ice cubes. The flavor was reviewed by our users on staff as excellent, despite not being a classic glass design.

As a device that is meant to be spill proof when the top is closed, there is no carburetor. There is some leeway with water levels but not much freedom to control airflow.

The large amount of air in the Budsy (when adequately filled with water) means a fair amount of the excess smoke gets trapped inside the bottle between puffs. I tried ending the puff earlier to clear the chamber of smoke naturally. This is not a flaw in the design of the Cupsy, providing a real performance edge.

The Secret to Perfect Hit on a Puffco Budsy

Speaking with fans of the Puffco Budsy and veteran users, it turns out that most consider using the Budsy a three-part process. This is great information if you happen to have a customer concerned about leftover, stale smoke.

  • Take one puff to pull smoke into the chamber.
  • A second pulls to get that smoke into your lungs.
  • A third pull to clears the chamber for the next use.


Final Thoughts on the Cupsy and Budsy

Both Cupsy and Budsy are discreet and portable, making them ideal for on-the-go use. The smaller Puffco Cupsy is the newer design, managing to offer a superior experience to the Budsy. It is also easier to clean. Both are excellent designs, but a couple foibles of the Budsy were ironed and the Puffco Cupsy is the perfected model.



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