Top Ten Reasons to Carry Zimo Nicotine Pouches

Just wanted to share some information for those of you are carrying nicotine pouches and are worried about ZYN shortage. You may be aware that nicotine pouches are one of the hottest products at the moment and ZYN had been the most popular brand in the US.

For the last month there has been a ZYN shortage due to the surging popularity of nicotine pouches and it is expected to continue through the summer.

With wholesalers and distributors showing out of stock on all ZYN flavors and retailers beginning to feel the pinch, we think you will find Zimo to be a perfect alternative. Mi-Pod sells wholesale nicotine pouches from several independent brands but it is hard to argue against the quality and rounded selection offered in our wholesale Zimo pouches collection.

Top Ten Reasons to Carry Zimo Pouches

  1. Superior Margins for Store Owner: It really does not matter how good a product is or who makes it if it is not priced competitively. Zimo Pouches provide a superior profit margin when compared to ZYN and other tobacco-industry pouch brands. Zimo costs less to purchase and can provide more profits while undercutting ZYN
  2. Better Value for Customer: A can of ZYN contains 15 pouches. A can of Zimo has 20. This adds up fast and is a great selling point. We find our customers are going through a can every two to three days on average, which equates to 6 to 10 pouches. With a sleeve of five Zimos containing more than an additional can compared to ZYN (100 pouches versus 75), you can see how customer savings multiple quickly with a product we feel is superior.
  3. Booming Market and Steady Inventory: The popularity of pouches had been forecast for several years and Zimo was prepared. While ZYN was caught flatfooted with a recent spike in demand, Zimo is under no such constraints and can provide consistent inventory of the best flavors. 
  4. Unique Flavors: While brick and mortar staples like ZYN, On! and Velo offer citrus flavors, they do not have a direct competitor with the fruit flavored Zimo Pouches. This enhances repeat business.
  5. Wider Range of Nicotine Strengths: Available in 3, 6 and 8mg nicotine strengths, Zimo has an additional nicotine strength compared to ZYN.
  6. Longer Shelf Life:  Zimo's innovative Water-Free Formula is new technology that provides an extended shelf life and allows a faster release of flavor while keeping the pouch moist.
  7. Superior User Experience: Our internal data shows that buyers find Zimo to offer a superior product with a high level of repeat business. Specifically, the combination of moisturizing ingredients and flavors in Zimo pouches imparts a juicier and less dry mouthfeel without generating an abundance of saliva in a spitless product.
  8. High-Quality Ingredients Zimo is manufactured from quality ingredients imported from the UK and made with European machinery to ensure quality control. The synthetic nicotine is pharmaceutical grade. The product offers slow and consistent nicotine release with no leakage.
  9.  Controlled Distribution Channels: Zimo only partners with top distributors to make sure no bad product is reaching the consumer working. They also with closely with distributors to analyze sales trends to optimize growth opportunities for our retailers and wholesalers.
  10. Not a Big Tobacco Product: Zimo is an independent producer of high-quality nicotine pouches that compete with the biggest players by offering a superior product at a lower cost. The quality and availability of Zimo pouches make them the best ZYN alternative on the market today.

How to Use Nicotine Pouches

nic pouch image how to use

If you are totally new to the nicotine pouches space, we have an infographic below that explains how to use these products. They are smokeless and spit-free. They appeal to adults seeking a more discreet and less socially intrusive way to consume nicotine.

They could not be easier to use. Simply park the nicotine pouch between the lip and upper gum. There will be a tingling sensation within a few minutes and most the nicotine is absorbed within a half hour.

Nicotine pouches are made from synthetic nicotine rather than tobacco-leaf. This means they are free of tobacco ingredients, tobacco flavor and the carcinogenic tobacco specific nitrosamines found in snus, chewing tobacco and dip. Nicotine pouches are not necessarily free from the influence of the tobacco industry, however. This is why we are proud to sell Zimo as a superior alternative. 

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