Top Reasons to Partner with Mi-Pod Wholesale

Mi-Pod Wholesale is the best choice when it comes to supplying your vape store, convenience store, gas station or retail website with popular vaping products.

As a master distributor, Mi-Pod has a selection and inventory that distributors lower in the supply chain cannot provide. Whether you are looking for established products like Flum wholesale vapes, or emerging products like the Flonq Disposable, Mi-Pod will be first to have these and have a great selection of flavor options. 


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What is a Master Distributor?

Mi-Pod Wholesale is a master distributor. This means that we have direct relationships with manufacturers who recognize us as having exclusivity and lower pricing. Master distributors have access to the entire product lines and are trusted by brand owners.

We manage relationships with trusted manufacturers so that you don’t have to and have a proven track record delivering value to our partners. 


The Mi-Pod Advantage

Mi-Pod Wholesale stands out from the competition by providing valuable services which other distributors cannot match.

Authentic Products

The easiest way to avoid clones and counterfeit vapes is to purchase authentic products from a trusted distributor such as Mi-Pod. If you have products on hand not purchased from Mi-Pod, check out our reference pages below to help determine if you were sold a counterfeit vape. Counterfeit vapes not only damage brands but the reputation of the reseller. 

Any product currently labeled Elf Bar on the market is a disposable manufactured by VBR to look like the original BC5000 or is counterfeit. But our feature How to Spot a Fake Elf Bar includes useful information on verifying the authenticity of EBCreate products. 

In-House Printing

Our ability to create marketing materials in-house for our B2B customers can help shop owners educate consumers and promote hot new products. No other vape distributor can match our in-house printing capabilities. Materials that would run hundreds or thousands of dollars at the local printer are created in-house by our graphic design and marketing teams. This saves our customers time, effort, and most importantly money.

Our capable team of graphic designers creates and produces bespoke marketing materials to support hot new products. This promotional support is a huge value add for any brick-and-mortar store.

Point of Sale Marketing Materials

Possessing the ability to create attractive marketing materials to be used at the point of sale can help a business advertise and stand out from the competition. It isn’t just a matter of having the product on hand, but making sure that the customers are aware you carry what they are looking for. With a product like vapes, customers will impulse buy and are also repeat customers. There is nothing like a sign to attract attention.

We make a wide range of business supporting POS materials. These can be as simple and useful as laminated flavor cards which curate the numerous options found in most vape collections. Next to convenience, educating consumers is one of the biggest benefits of purchasing a product in-person. We also can make customized window clings and view throughs for the storefront.

Mi-Pod Wholesale is not limited to smaller items. Our team of designers has a proven track record when it comes to display cases, posters, and pamphlets as well. Arizona customers have access to Coroplast signage, and we manufacture vinyl banners as well.

Printing these items in-house provides us with the agility to support our full line-up of products, and our customers do not need to invest their valuable time in creating marketing materials or relying on whatever limited materials may or may not be offered by the manufacturer.  This is not a dig at manufacturers. They are focused on making products and not marketing them. The Mi-Pod team and our in-house print shop fills the void and exists to benefit our partners. This is a huge reason to work with Mi-Pod over other distributors.

Mi-Pod Store Locator Page

Mi-Pod Wholesale has marketing materials covered. We also can help generate foot traffic with our highly trafficked vape store locator page. This page is not some thinly trafficked and neglected landing page at the back of the website. It is constantly updated and receives an impressive amount of traffic daily. It has a sorting feature that allows customers to seek locations with the most popular products in vaping, and this selection of filters is updated to reflect trends in the industry. By covering the physical and the digital, Mi-Pod Wholesale works hard to make sure our B2B customers succeed. 

Mi-Pod Award Winning Customer Service

Master distributors can offer a level of support that no manufacturer can match. Mi-Pod takes it a step further. We do not just create beautiful signage, help customers find your store online, and send you on your way. B2B customers can take full advantage of our award-winning customer service. We have a staff of product experts and company philosophy which demands we go above and beyond.

Dedicated Mi-Pod Wholesale Sales Reps

There are certainly many excellent sales reps and customer service agents in the vaping industry. But Mi-Pod has a leg up on the competition with our tenured and experienced sales reps. Our dedicated sales representatives are an invaluable asset for our B2B customers. The continuity provided by a dedicated sales representative is hugely beneficial.

Every store and situation are different, they are educated by the store owner about the specific challenges and use their expertise in the industry can identify sales opportunities. Dedicated sales representatives have their finger on the pulse of the vaping industry and can provide detailed market analysis and develop customized strategies to maximize profit potential.

Additionally, with a dedicated sales representative, wholesalers have access to up-to-date information on products, prices, and trends in the industry. This can be invaluable when making decisions about product selection and pricing. 

Mi-Pod is a Master Distributor 

Mi-Pod Wholesale’s position as a master distributor with established relationships with the biggest names in the vape industry. This allows Mi-Pod to provide early access to the top products, which can provide a big leg up on the competitors when you are looking for popular, limited edition, or new collections of products.

There is no better way to get access to the top products at competitive prices than going right to the source with a master distributor. When it is time to restock, master distributors have a consistent and reliable connection with the manufacturer as well. Mi-Pod Wholesale is established and purchasing from a master distributor will help your business steer clear of cheap clones and knockoffs of popular products.

Master distributors like Mi-Pod Wholesale stay apprised of all the pertinent information. Providing information on product shortages, delays, and alternative products is exactly what a partner like Mi-Pod Wholesale is there to provide.  This also includes news, updates, discontinuation notices, upcoming shipments, information on recalls and upcoming flavors not available anywhere else. Customers who buy from high-level distributors like Mi-Pod have access to promotions and discounts not available elsewhere.

Why to Buy from a Mi-Pod Instead of the Manufacturer

Naturally, a master distributor like Mi-Pod Wholesale can provide better pricing than retailers or wholesalers further removed from the manufacturer. But holding inventory is costly and requires a large outlay when dealing with manufacturer imposed minimum orders. This is how working with a master distributor can lower inventory costs. Space and warehousing can be stored at the master distributor’s warehouse and distributed as necessary.

Mi-Pod will serve as a buffer, holding product so that you don’t have to. Fast delivery times provide a level responsiveness you will not receive from a manufacturer.

The value add of the master distributor is that we can conduct due diligence on products and determine what is selling. Product support and customer service are two of Mi-Pod Wholesale’s greatest strengths.  

Manufacturers exist to make the products and the job of distributors is to move the products and keep the resellers happy. Mi-Pod Wholesale does this with great customer service. In constant contact with a network of B2B customers, Mi-Pod has access to information that manufacturers do not.

Access to information and customer support is crucial. Inventory control is another issue. Master distributors do not have the high minimum order requirements that a manufacturer will require. 

Mi-Pod Wholesale is much more focused on resale than production. Making the product is the manufacturers job. Our goal is to move the product as quickly as possible, with volume and customer support being key. Whether it is educating our buyers or providing marketing materials, we take our partnerships seriously.

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