Stop the New Anti-Vaping Law and Flavor Bans in Colorado

As a vape wholesaler or reseller in Colorado, you and your business are on the frontlines and have often been buffeted by a volatile regulatory environment. Colorado SB22 will only make things worse. 

Colorado Flavor Ban

Currently, local governments must adhere to statewide regulations, or otherwise not impose stricter tobacco and nicotine laws than the state. If passed, Colorado SB 22 would give a green light to activist groups that are working to create a patchwork of anti-nicotine and prohibitionist policies around Colorado. Click on the CASAA Banner above or visit the Stop the Colorado Vape Flavor Bans page. 

You can also use the Legislator Lookup to find who represents you and let them know that you vape, you vote, and that this scheme will destroy jobs and lives.


Flavor Bans Increase Cigarette Sales

Flavor bans are failed policy. They fly in the face of commonsense. The banned flavors represent the exact flavors that basically every human on earth prefers. Whether it is kombucha, hard seltzer, or the actual candy cannabis edibles that are permitted legally in Colorado. 

A recent FDA study showed that flavor bans increase cigarette sales. Vape shop owners have seen firsthand how many customers have benefitted from alternative vaping products, and the general disdain adult vapers have for fauxbacco flavors.

The crime should be funneling these loyal adult customers back onto cigarettes not providing adults with access to vapes in the flavors and devices they prefer.

With youth vaping nosediving since 2019, anti-vaping and anti-nicotine prohibitionists are on the clock to use their lobbying money to deny adult vapers access to the products they prefer.

Only adult vapers are considered unworthy of choice, deserving only the artificial tobacco flavors that are not coincidently are Big Tobacco’s only option with their own competing products.

 Consumer freedom, entrepreneurship, customer choice and your pocketbook will take a huge hit if the New Hampshire Vape Sales Ban is to pass. 

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