New Elf Bar Vapes Available at Mi-Pod Wholesale

While the vape industry rapidly evolves due to product improvements and government regulation, Elf Bar has changed as well. Elf Bar started out with a smaller 2mL disposable vape and now offers a long-lasting Elf Bar BC5000 vape that is rechargeable and holds 13mL of vape juice. This massive tank size combined with its rechargeable battery makes it one of the longest-lasting disposable vapes on the market today. The new Elf Bar BC lines come in 3500 puff and 5000 puff sizes and are rapidly gaining popularity across the United States due to their exquisite flavors and long-lasting batteries. If you are interested in purchasing the new Elf Bar Disposable Vapes at wholesale prices, Mi-One brands is a trusted distributor that has fast shipping times and great prices.

Another unique feature about the new Elf Bar BC line is that both the Elf Bar BC3500 and Elf Bar BC5000 products have a unique form factor. The ergonomic shape of the disposable allows it to fit comfortably in your hand and takes up less space in your pocket than some of its competitors.

Elf Bar Disposable Vape Distributors

Elf Bar has partnered with Mi-One brands to offer great wholesale pricing on bulk Elf Bar purchases for vape shops, smoke shops, and convenience stores. This new distribution channel for Elf Bar will allow them to capture more of the US disposable vape market.

While Elf Bar can be purchased at a couple other locations, Mi-One Brands is the exclusive distributor of the new Elf Bar disposables in the state of Arizona. This partnership will allow Arizona stores to get Elf Bar rechargeable vapes at a moment’s notice. Not only will Arizona customers benefit from this partnership, Mi-One Brands’ thousands of wholesale customers worldwide will also have access to this new disposable line.

If you are interested in getting the new Elf Bar BC Rechargeable disposable vapes for your shop, you can sign up for an account at Mi-Pod Wholesale. These vapes are among the longest-lasting disposable vapes on the market today. Your customers will thank you for it.