New Cube Vapes Available at Mi-Pod Wholesale

The new Cube Disposable Vapes are now available at Mi-Pod Wholesale. These long-lasting disposable vapes are prefilled with 11mL of premium vape juice. While the original Cube vapes contain a 50mg nicotine strength, Cube also offers a unique Cube Zero line that is nicotine-free. This zero nicotine vape is a great option for vapers that are interested in lowering their nicotine consumption.

All wholesale Cube disposable vapes are available in 10-pack display boxes for vape shops, convenience stores, and smoke shops. The stylish Cube display boxes have a black color with different eye-popping colors that stand out for each Cube flavor. There are 19 flavors available in the Cube line with a wide range of flavors to fit any vaper’s needs. The line of flavors has fusion fruit flavors like Mango Colada and Strawnana as well as unique beverage flavors like Coffee, Melontini and Slushy.

Cube Disposable Vape Distributors

Cube vapes has partnered with Mi-One brands in order to gain access to their large distribution network across the United States. Mi-Pod Wholesale is a proud Cube distributor that offers competitive wholesale pricing on Cube disposable vapes as well as industry-leading ship times. Mi-One brands is fully PACT Act compliant and has shipping solutions available for any order size.

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