How to Fill the Wi-Pod

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Our revolutionary thick oil vape device, the Wi-Pod thick oil vaporizer, has hit the market and is being received well from so many of you. This device was created to vape thick-oils and concentrates easily and on the go. The Wi-Pod is durable and features a convenient auto-draw activation that allows you to rip even the thickest of oils with ease. 

Filling your thick oil vape pods with even the thickest of distillates is simple. Let’s go over the few key steps that you will need to know to fill your Wi-Pod properly and have the best possible thick oil vaping experience.

The Wi-Pod Pods

Our game changing green W pods are made from terpene resistant polymer and hold 1.1mL of oil. The Wi-Pod pods have a wide side filling port for easy filling. These pods also feature a patented dual airflow and ceramic core.

What you will need for filling

  • Wi-Pod Device & Pods
  • Syringe with preferred concentrates
  • Lighter (Small heat source)

Step 1: Set your pod

Take your thick oil vape pods that you wish to fill and turn on its side. Unplug the silicone side tab and set the pod back down on it’s side.

filling Wi-pod thick oil pod

Step 2: Prep your oil

Grab your syringe and find your heating device (Lighter, blow dryer, etc.), for this example we will be using a lighter to heat our oil. Heat your syringe with the lighter until the contents are visibly ‘runny’ or thin. Heating your syringe while pointed upwards helps to avoid spills. Your goal is to heat the oil to a viscosity/thickness that is like water, freely moving about inside your syringe.

heating Wi-Pod thick oil pod

Step 3: Fill your Wi-Pod

Insert the tip of your syringe directly into the open filling port of the pod. Press down on your plunger and fill your pod to your preferences, up to 1.1mL. When you are done filling, allow the pod to sit with the silicone tab open for about 5 minutes to let air escape and the hot oil to cool off/settle. Rushing this process with warm oil can cause leaking/spitback, allow the pod to completely cool before plugging the silicone tab. After waiting for the pod to cool, close tab and insert your pod into the Wi-Pod device making sure to match pins to pins.

filling wi-pod thick oil pod

Step 4: Prime and go!

Make sure your Wi-Pod battery is turned on (3 quick clicks of the bottom button) and take a few very light puffs to saturate the pod at first. After the first few puffs, your Wi-Pod should be wicked and ready for use!


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