Act Now to Stop the Hawaii Vape Flavor Ban

Attention Hawaii vapers. Youth vaping may have dropped in the last four year, but efforts to deny adults access to their preferred products have increased. As wholesalers and resellers, your ability to sell products in the flavors that adults prefer is in serious jeopardy.

HB 1778 would ban the sale of vapor and all nicotine products in flavors other than tobacco. This bill would also undo a law requiring tobacco regulations be implemented statewide (known as “preemption”), as opposed to allowing municipalities to make up their own rules.

Stop Hawaii Vape Flavor Ban

Click on the CASAA banner above to make your voice heard or here on their Stop the Hawaii Vape Flavor Ban. Follow the prompts, taking the time to either share your personal journey or sign off on CASAA'S prepared statement.

You can also use the Legislator Lookup to find who represents you and let them know that you vape, you vote, and that this scheme will destroy jobs and lives.

Unscrupulous anti-vapers are not playing by any ethical rules. In their hearings on this law, "experts" cited 2017-2019 as "the most recent available" to make the case for denying adults access to the flavors they prefer.

This is a bold faced lie. Those same CDC Youth Tobacco surveys are conducted annually and show youth vaping has fallen for four consecutive years starting in 2020 and are down 60 percent. They cite the outdated numbers because the science and results of these very same surveys since 2019 show how vape flavor bans are a debacle. 

High-Stakes Battle for Future of Vaping

Anti-vaping legislation is a dead serious efforts to kill the vaping industry. It has nothing to do with protecting the children.

Unless you want to be funneled back onto combustibles or only be permitted to choose between fake tobacco flavors in vapes, it is imperative that you let your representatives know that you vape and you vote.

You can also go directly to the bill’s government website page, although you will need to create a free account. 

Flavor Bans Increase Cigarette Sales

A recent FDA study showed that flavor bans increase cigarette sales. Vapers know this first hand, as it is no accident that flavors popular with adults are the same as those found in every consumable from kombucha to hard seltzer.

With youth vaping nosediving since 2019, anti-vaping and anti-nicotine prohibitionists are on the clock to use their lobbying money to deny adult vapers access enact flavor bans.

With ever more research coming out about how vaping outperforms nicotine replacement therapy products, flavor bans are in fact anti-scientific. It is strange that politicians who once claimed to “follow the science” when seeking to impose restrictions on adults now ignore the science instead, when also imposing restrictions.  

Win-Win for Big Tobacco

Customers and business owners lose but the tobacco industry wins under flavor bans. 

Adult vapers deserve better than a few fauxbacco flavors grudgingly allowed by ill-informed politicians. Access to age-restricted electronic nicotine delivery systems in palatable flavors should be a given. But this option will soon be taken away unless you demonstrate that your interests are not to be ignored.

And Big Tobacco's products are lower margin for the reseller and much more expensive for the customer.  They will not suffer under this law, and in fact with cigarette sale increases linked to flavor bans, stand to richly benefit. 

Vape Cost to Consumer

Consumer freedom, entrepreneurship, customer choice and your pocketbook will take a huge hit if the Hawaii Flavor Ban is to pass. 

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