Act Now to Stop Arizona Vape Ban

Update 2/12/2024

For the time being, the Arizona Vape Sales ban, also known as the Big Tobacco Protection Act, has been defeated. Thank you for letting politicians in Arizona that you will not stand for being marginalized and denied access to the products and flavors that adult vapers prefer. 

Stop the Arizona Vape Sales Ban

As a vape wholesaler or reseller, you and your business are on the frontlines and often buffeted by a volatile anti-vaping regulatory environment.

But never before has your ability to sell the products that adult vapers prefer been in such peril. A law described by critics as "The Big Tobacco Protection Act" has arrived in Arizona. 


Big Tobacco Protection Act Arizona


Arizona Bill SB 1212: Vape Ban

SB 1212 is known to advocates as “PMTA Registry” legislation and has been introduced and referred to the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services. 

Big Tobacco’s PMTA Registry scheme is a national lobbying initiative designed to convince state legislatures to bar all vape products released after 2016 from the market. These laws are expected to appear in every state house and the Arizona version has been arrived.

The laws are carefully worded so that products such as the Vuse Alto, NJoy, and MyBlu are not impacted but popular disposable vapes are criminalized.

For a more personal message to the politicians who represent your interests, use the Legislator Lookup and let them know that you vape, you vote, and that this PMTA Registry scheme will destroy jobs and lives.

Criticisms of PMTA Registry Bills

  1. Structured so that the tobacco industry’s vape products remain on market, despite also not having received PMTA authorization, while barring their less expensive competition.
  2. Serves as a flavor ban, denying adult vapers the flavors they prefer. A recent FDA-funded study found cigarette sales increase in areas with flavor bans.
  3. Bars disposable vapes, which are ideal for initiates and not coincidentally compete head-to-head with prefilled pod kits made by Big Tobacco.
  4. Harms small businesses, vape shops and convenience stores, by removing high-volume and profitable products while leaving lower margin tobacco industry vapes on shelves.
  5. Contrary to spirit of consumer choice and entrepreneurship, barring products released after 2016. 

Act Now to Save Vaping in Arizona!

As a business owner, you have skin in the game and must make your voice heard. Big Tobacco’s vape products are lower margin products that simply are not as popular. If they could compete on a level field of play, they would not have to criminalize the competition.

Arizona Business Owners in Big Tobacco’s Crosshairs

The Arizona PMTA Registry Bill will ban virtually every top selling vape product from the market, leaving only tobacco industry manufactured pod kits and a smattering of refillable e-liquid brands left standing. They are a de facto vape ban and force the state to enforce the FDA’s failed PMTA system.

Naturally, if passed the tobacco industry will thrive. Shelf space will be uncontested by more affordable, and popular disposable vapes. 

While vaping has been under siege for many years, this bill will criminalize vape sales. Few vape shops can survive selling eight-year-old pod kits, mods, and a couple lines of e-liquid. 

Consumer Choice and Retail Profits Suffer Under PMTA Registration Laws

A legally enforced monopoly will provide the tobacco industry with the freedom to raise prices further and the profit margin for resellers.  The price difference between tobacco industry pods and disposable vapes is astronomical.

The table below demonstrates how much consumers pay per 30ml of e-liquid with prefilled pod kits, limited to unpopular tobacco flavors, and disposable vapes. 

No wonder the tobacco industry wants the competition barred by extralegal maneuvers. If the term "extralegal" sounds too strong, consider this. The tobacco-industry lobbyists carefully worded their PMTA Registry scheme by barring products from after 2016. The FDA has not approved the most popular tobacco industry vape pod products either.  A vape industry composed entirely of tobacco companies will be that much easier to ban in its totality.

Vaping Cost Pods vs Disposable Vapes

A law funneling loyal vaping customers back onto cigarettes should be criminal, not providing adults with access to vapes in the flavors they prefer.

PMTA Registry Bills Nationwide

The tobacco industry has been unwilling or unable to compete with the independent vape industry in terms of price and innovation. Youth vaping rates have fallen every year since 2019, and the odds of a national flavor ban that would only benefit the tobacco industry seem more remote than ever.

The PMTA Registry Bills are a heavy-handed gambit to claim a monopoly on the market. A monopoly hurts the consumer and hurts the reseller. The ban on flavored pods that passed in response to 2018 “Teen Vaping Epidemic”, prevents Big Tobacco companies from offering the flavors that adults prefer in their expensive pod platforms.


Many adult vapers, and smokers will pay the ultimate price for this political maneuvering. Thousands of jobs will be destroyed in the process. Do not let your voice go unheard.

Consumer freedom, entrepreneurship, customer choice and your pocketbook will take a huge hit if the Arizona Vape Sales Ban is to pass.