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These SV Batteries are Draw-Activated with a 300mAh capacity, for use with SV Cartridges ONLY (We do NOT recommend using these devices for anything other than SV Cartridges)
*SV Battery Charger sold separate*

How to Use

SV Cig Battery Quickstart Guide
1. Take one of your SV Cartridges out of the box and screw it onto the SV Cig Battery. 
2.  Make sure its securely on the battery.
3. The Bottom LED light will illuminate when inhaling. When its dead the LED Indicator will flash white. 
4. To charge your SV Cig Battery unscrew your SV cartridge from the battery. 
5.  Screw your SV battery into the corded SV charger. The 510 thread will go into the charger. 
6. The LED light will illuminate RED when charging. When its done charging the light

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