Rabbi .5mL Glass

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Color: Stainless Steel


Introducing the newest revolution in oil cartridge technology. Breakthrough in vaping for thick oils and distillates.

Working in conjunction with oil producers from around the USA, the Rabbi has been designed and tested to produce the truest flavor and smoothest vape of any cartridge in existence. Additionally, the Rabbi is constructed using only food-safe materials that have been rigorously tested to exceed all international standards and guidelines. Elevate your senses with the new Rabbi from S6XTH SENSE

Filling Instructions

The Rabbi is designed to be easy to fill and cap for both manual and auto filling machines. The cartridge should be filled BETWEEN the center airflow shaft and the tank wall. Our design provides the widest possible space (+2mm) to easily reach with most oil-filling apparatus. The oil should be less than 140 degrees when filling. The bottom of the top metal ring is the 0.5mL fill line for easy measuring. The cartridge should be capped while the oil is still warm, as the oil cools inside the cartridge it creates a vacuum that seals the cartridge.

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