Mi-One Coils 0.6 OHM 5pk

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Mi-ONE 0.6 Ohm Replacement Coils by Smoking Vapor. This coil attaches directly to the chimney (Mi-One) which helps prevent flooding and leaking. It allows for mess free filling.


How To Use

Priming the Mi-One Coil Quickstart Guide
1. Screw the coil onto the chimney just enough so the coil doesn’t fall off but not all the way tight. 
2. Fill the Mi-One tank with e-liquid to the max fill line. 
3. Insert the airflow with the loosely tighten coil into the Mi-One and let it soak for about 5 to 7 minutes.  Please note that the airflow piece does not need to be tightened into the tank on this step. 
4. Remove the airflow with the attached coil out of the tank, wipe off with a napkin the excess e-liquid and then tighten your coil just hand tight. Please note that you do not want to tighten the coil extremely tight or you will break the rubber seal. If your rubber seal is broken your kit did include two extra seals. 
5. Insert your airflow and attached coil into the tank and tighten the airflow into the tank.
6. Turn your device on by pressing the fire button 5 times until you see the flashing light.
7. Take small draws a couple of times to ensure your coil is all the way saturated.

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