Black Suede Mi-Pod

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Vape Starter Kit for Salt Nic

Now includes Pro Pods

Mi-Pod Quickstart Guide
1. E-Juice Filling: Take out the cartridge and open the cover, inject directly into the chambered slot and put the cover back (Refillable Cartridges)
2. Install: Put the filled cartridge into the Mi-pod body properly.
3. On/Off: Press the button rapidly 5 times, the button will flash 5 times to indicate the Mi-pod is ready to use. In the same way the Mi-pod will turn off after 5 presses.
4. Vaping: Start to inhale and the window light will turn on at the same time.

What's Included

 Mi-Pod Kit Includes: 1x Gentleman's Mi-Pod Device 2x Mi-Pod Pro Pods 1x Mi-Pod Lanyard 1x Purple Micro USB Charger 2x Lanyard Connectors 1x Airflow Adjustment Card 1x Warranty Card 1x Mi-Pod User Manual


Mi-Pod Specifications:
Mi-Pod Battery Power Levels:

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